May 30, HW

Here is the HW for the day!

 Reading: Students who have missing or late work need to be getting those done.
 Writing: Because students have so many projects due or past due, today in writing kids worked on whatever their own priority project needed working on the most.  Tomorrow we will be sharing presentations.
 Math: Reg and Adv: Took end of year assessment and will be continued tomorrow.
 Social Studies: We took a post test for the year (ungraded) and students who are not done with final tests will be taking it tomorrow.
 Science: Tomorrow is the last day for work time on projects! Some groups will be presenting tomorrow! Students need to be working on their science final assessment that is due tomorrow.
 Health Tidbit: Do some research into a yard/outdoor game that you’ve never played before and learn it with the family! If possible, try to make one instead of buying it.
Have a great night and please let me know if you have any questions!



HW May 24

Happy Friday!

 Here is the homework for the weekend.
Reading: Students continued to work on summer reading lists as well as the list of all books they’ve read this year for the 7th grade teacher.
Writing: General Note:  Students should have brought home a letter with details about Adventureland earlier this week.  If you have not seen this yet, PLEASE ASK!  We need the bottom portion back ASAP so we know where all students are going at the end of the day.
Social Studies:  Most students are doing a nice job of getting their studying done for their final assessments.  Many are already working on their final roadtrip projects.  Please ask your student whether or not they’ve taken the World Fights Back test yet.
Math: Reg: Worked on redos
Adv: We began mean, median and mode and dot plots.
Social Studies: The kids are writing some very interesting dilemma stories in writing.  After some illustration, they will be able to be presented in class next week.  It should be fun as they are a very creative group.
Science: Again, we worked on projects the entire time. Today was a data check and I called each group up to discuss how they are collecting and reporting their data. I gave them a score and feedback on what can be done to change their score. Over the weekend students should be working on the presentation part of the project, vocabulary words and research topcs.  They also had the final assessment shared with them via google docs. It is 6 essay questions that they have until next Friday (the 31st) to complete this. This would be a great assignment to work on over the weekend.
HEALTH TIDBIT: For the weekend have the family sit down and make some health goals for the summer. Here is a website that might have some helpful information
  One cool thing to do would be to make a FITNESS Bucket List and start planning ways to check them off!
Have a wonderful 3 day weekend and enjoy the extra time with your families!


May 23, HW

Hello Everyone! I hope your Thursday is going well! Here is the homework for the day.

 Reading: Students are still working on their summer reading lists.
 Writing: Since we read “The Lady or the Tiger”  the students are working on creating a story that ends in a dilemma  No homework.
 Math: Regular:  3.4 worksheet. In class today, we corrected mistakes on LG 12 quiz on finding the percent of a quantity.
Advanced: Lesson 16.2 Worksheet. In class today, we corrected mistakes on LG 6 on calculating surface area.
 Social Studies: Students should be preparing for their World Fights Back test if they have not yet taken it!  About 25% of students are done and on to the “fun” projects now.  If you are not sure whether your student is where they should be in Social Studies, please email Ms. Sauer (
Science: Continued work on projects; they are coming together!! Some students are not getting a lot accomplished so it would be nice if you could ask your son or daughter how it is going? There will be a data check tomorrow that will go towards their grade. This means I will be checking their google doc for a running/daily account of their testing. 
 The final assessment is a 6 question short essay document that I have shared with each student already. They are to answer each question in complete sentences and full thoughts that support what they are wanting to say. Only 4 of the questions are being graded and those are identified on the document. These are due next Friday the 31st. 
 HEALTH TIDBIT: Tips to raising healthier children! 
 For Parents


  • Reward children with praise rather than with food.
  • Serve food in smaller portions. Do not demand or reward “a clean plate.” Let your child ask for more if he or she is still hungry.
  • Read nutrition labels for serving size and calorie information. The information on the labels can help you select foods that best fit into your family’s meal and snack plans.
  • Bake, broil or grill foods to reduce fat. Rather than cooking with butter or vegetable oil, try healthier versions like olive, canola or sunflower oil.
  • Snacks should provide nutrients and energy, which are essential for active, growing children.
  • Do not give your child vitamin supplements unless they are recommended by your doctor.
  • Children imitate their parents, so set a good example by eating healthy foods.
  • Keep a variety of snacks in the house, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, whole-grain cereals and crackers. Try lower calorie or lower fat foods, like baked chips, reduced-sugar cereals or low-fat dressings
  •  Source:


Thank you so much and have a great night!

May 22 HW

Hello All! I hope you are enjoying your day!!

  Here is the homework for the day.
 Reading: Worked on summer reading lists in the computer lab!
 Writing: We played Jeopardy today as a whole year review of the content we learned!
 Math: Reg: None
  Adv: Lesson 16.1
 Social Studies: All students are working at their own pace on projects.
 Science: Students are continuing to work on projects in class. I am so excited about some of the things I am seeing. There are a few groups who have yet to bring anything in at all, which honestly does not bode well for them to get done on time.  At home they need to be working on the research aspect of the project (vocabulary and research topics)
HEALTH TIDBIT:  It is important that your children are getting anough protein each day.  The following information is from the Baylor College of Medicine:
The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for protein are based on body weight and include age-related adjustments for the extra protein needed for growth, said nutritionists at the USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Healthy 1-to-3-year-old children need 0.55 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, which means the average 29-pound toddler needs 16 grams of protein each day. The RDAs for older children are 0.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight for 4-to-6-year-olds; 0.45 grams for 7-to-14-year olds; and 0.4 grams for 15-to-18-year-old boys. The RDA for girls over 15 and boys over 18 is 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight, the same as for adults.

Although your daughter shuns meat, she can still get all the protein she needs from dairy foods, grain products and vegetables. A one-ounce serving of cheese, a cup of milk, an extra-large egg, two tablespoons of peanut butter or one-half cup of beans provide six to eight grams of protein each, which is about the same amount in each ounce of lean meat, fish and poultry. There are also two to four grams of protein in each serving of breads and cereals and one to three grams in a serving of most vegetables.

Have a wonderful evening and please let me know if you have any questions at all.


May 20, HW

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a great weekend.

 Reading:  Book talk in library with Ruth. The final reading assessment will be due the 31st!
 Writing: Students worked on portfolios.
 Math: Reg: Problem 3.3 Wksht on Graphing and Coordinate Planes
 Adv:  Rectangular Prisms Worksheet
 Social Studies: Students are continuing to work at their own pace, most are working on their fillinf in notes packets and studying for their final assessment.
 Science: Students continued working on their end of year projects. Tomorrow each group must turn in a rough sketch of the design. This may not be exactly what ends up as the final project but I need to see where they are at with thinking right now! On Friday there will be a data check of their google doc.
 Thanks so much and have a great night!
HEALTH TIDBIT: SUNSCREEN TIME!! The labels on sunscreen have been altered this year and you need to be aware of what you are putting on your kids’ skin. Here is the link to the article,
Please have your kids get into the habit of wearing it every day and reapplying if out for a long time.

May 16 HW

Hello Everyone! I hope you’ve had a great day. Here is the homework for the day.

 Reading: Students finished assessments today and will do grade check tomorrow. Please be sure your son or daughter is reading each night! The book count will be soon!
 Writing: Students worked on portfolios and we are almost done!
 Math: No homework today.
 Social Studies: Vocab 23 and Vocab 24.
 Science: Students were assigned a project today that they will work on for the remainder of the year. I am so pumped for these but they are going to be difficult, please ask them about it and ask what things need to be done or brought in! Each group got one of three projects and they seem to be really excited about it.
 HEALTH TIDBIT: Increase your fiber! How much fiber do you need? Women need 25 grams per day and men should get 38 grams per day, according to an Institute of Medicine formula based on getting 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories. Top sources of fiber are: beans (all kinds), peas, lima beans, soybeans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, artichokes, whole wheat flour, barley, bulgur, cornmeal, bran, raspberries, blackberries, and prunes. Good sources of fiber include: lettuce, dark leafy greens, broccoli, okra, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, corn, snap beans, asparagus, cabbage, whole wheat pasta, popcorn, nuts, raisins, pears, strawberries, oranges, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, and apples.
Thank you so much and have a wonderful night!! Please let me know if you have any questions. 

May 15

Hello All!

  I hope you have had a great day so far, I am so excited that is is nice out!
 Here is the homework for the day!
Reading: Students had time to read. We do a final our final book count soon, the students need to be at 30 books very shortly!!
Writing: We talked about the importance of presentation in writing!! How it could you a job even.
Math: Reg: Finish yesterday’s work and page 54 # 8
 Adv: Surface area of nets worksheet
Social Studies: Students continued on their exploration speeches or world fights back packets.
Science:  We finished up our discussion of Newton’s Laws! No homework. Tomorrow the kids will be receiving a project assignment for the remainder of the year! I am so pumped for this, each group will have slightly different project goals so that we have really cool presentations at the end.
 HEALTH TIDBIT: Drink milk with every meal: Milk is a smart drink for kids. It helps build strong bodies, bones, and teeth – and it can help you have a healthy weight to!! So, drink an 8-ounce glass of milk at every meal.
Drink milk with every meal:  Always choose fat-free or 1% milk – in white or
flavors (like chocolate and strawberry).
  Thank you so much and have an awesome night!

May 14 HW

Hello All,

I hope you have had a beautiful (possibly muggy) day! Here is the homework for the day.

Reading – Plot-line diagram due on Thursday and Friday

Writing -Please finish reviews and/or past due pet peeve essays.

Math -pg. 54 4.3

Advanced Math -None

Social Studies – A few students gave Explorer Speeches, and all students continued to work at their own pace.

Science: We got the chance to have some fun with Newton’s Laws. I try to make the demos fun for the kids to watch 🙂 So, we only got through 2! Tomorrow we will finish. We will be leading into some projects that ask the students to apply these laws.

HEALTH TIDBIT: Put away phones and computers for one night a week and just spend time as a family! Try it for three weeks and then discuss at dinner how everyone likes it!!


May 13, HW

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend and celebrated Mother’s Day in some way.
 Here is the homework for the day
Reading: Students completed a plot line as a possible assessment, if it is quality, or else they can have
Writing: Today we worked on getting caught up.  We will be continuing reviews this week and hopefully finishing up our portfolios.
Math: Regular: Started calculation percents off of various items in class. No homework.

Advanced: Finish Characteristics of a Cube Worksheet
Social Studies: Students continued working at their own pace on preparing for explorer speeches and working on learning goals for the new unit.  Ask your students what they are learning about.  Hopefully they can tell you about the explorer they researched or what they are learning about in the new unit.
Science: We discussed forces from their homework assignment and when each are present on an object. The students started to do some research into Newton’s Laws of Motion. We are going to be getting to end of the year projects this week. Here is the website they were using for their research,
Thank you and have a great night!
HEALTH TIDBIT! KALE! Use it! It is a power vegetable and can easily be added into casseroles and even fruit smoothies! It is an incredible source of vitamin K and A, iron and fiber. Here is an link to some more information,


May 11 HW

Happy Friday!

 I hope you have had a great week! Here is the homework for the weekend.
 Reading: Assessments over plot diagram and character development start next week! Practice, practice, practice!
 Writing: Today we read and wrote reviews.
 Math: Reg: Menu math worksheet
 Adv: No homework
 Social Studies: Many people presented speeches today. Others are still working on preparing those speeches.
 Science: Did a warm up with a couple of activities on balance and how forces act on our bodies. It was really fun to watch them try to complete these (they are nearly physical impossible:) We then discussed forces and the students have a worksheet to complete over the weekend! We will go over it as a class together Monday.
 Have an awesome weekend!
HEALTH TIDBIT for the weekend: Look into local races (walks/runs) and sign the family up. Then put a schedule together about how you could prepare as a family.